Let’s start with a simple question - Why do you want to hack someone’s cell phone? Who are you doubtful about? Is it your kid, the significant other or an employee? Though, we know children are the major cause of worry[…]

Well, it’s always advisable, all the misunderstandings in a love relationship will be solved if we speak to our partner about it. But the grandma’s famous tip doesn't work, when a partner has a sinking feeling in the heart of[…]

“If "Happy Ever After" did exist, I would still be holding you like this” - Adam Levine Only fortunate people end up with a happy ever after; while one may strive to make their relationship work, most of them don’t![…]

WhatsApp is huge when it comes to messaging applications! There have been many apps introduced and launched before and after WhatsApp, but nothing compares with it. With every other spy software claiming to spy on WhatsApp, there[…]

I would like to start here with a little question, “What are your expectations when you purchase a spy software?”Most of the readers would agree to the fact that they feel cheated after they purchase a spy software. Why?[…]

Probably you have heard the term Spy phone but didn't know what exactly it is about. Well, the first idea that must have came to your mind would be that of a telephone which is used to spy on someone. In simple words, it can be[…]

With the emergence of countless social networking platforms, there has been a huge rise in social communications; now its faster and better! Well, when we talk about being social, the first thing that comes into ones mind is[…]

One of the most common questions that appears when one thinks of spying on someone is- “Do I need to access target cell phone to install spy software onto it?” Well, if we consider using those traditional cell phone spy[…]

No matter how many cell phones are introduced by different brands every single day, Apple continues to be the leader in the cell phone industry. The power, efficiency and magnificence of apple phones are reason behind their[…]

There is no denying the fact that privacy is just a mere word for Americans these days. As soon as the NSA contractor publicised the government’s act of monitoring texts, emails and calls of the masses, there has been an air of[…]

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